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Nature vs nurture?

From: does it mean to be a digital citizen? Are the youth of today, having been born into a world of computers, native or natural citizens? Do they understand the digital world? Do they know it all, or simply know what they want to know?

As the digital world becomes increasingly complex and interwoven, there actually is a great need for all generations to develop critical literacies to be able to navigate the digital world. Youth are hardened against warnings of dangers in ‘cyberspace’. Others are also tired of hearing bad press about the digital world. Even more are happier to harken to tales of success and positive developments out of the use of digital technologies.

We all need to develop the skills to manouevre as digital citizens, to understand potential benefits, all while minimising the hazards of this changing world. What better place to have this discussion than by using the tools technology now provides.

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Food for thought

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Do you agree with these readings or have they gone too far the other way?


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